10 Beauty Tips And Tricks That Have Stood The Test Of Time

No matter where you’re at or what you’re doing, beauty is something that you don’t have to give up. Take care of yourself with these amazing skin, hair, and makeup tricks and tips!

10/ Use The Flat Side Of The Pencil

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Most people automatically use the tip of the pencil. But if you want to fill in your brows to look their best, tilt it and use the side. It adds volume and looks natural.

9/ Curl Your Hair With A Headband

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To curl your hair with a headband, place the headband as you normally would and curl each strand underneath it. Find a full tutorial online and you can have the easiest curls ever!

8/ Reduce The Heat

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This is especially true if you have curly hair. Stay away from curling irons, flat irons, and heated blow dryers when you can. When you do decide to suffer the heat, always add heat protectant.

7/ Don’t Use Hot Water

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Again, hot water dries hair out. Try using warm water only when washing and rinsing your hair. If you can stand it, add a blast of cold water at the end.

6/ Just Do The Eyes

If you don’t have time for the full makeup routine, then just focus on the eyes. You don’t even have to add eyeshadow. Just a little mascara and maybe some brow work should do.

5/ Add Hairspray To Your Eyebrow Brush

If your eyebrows are hard to manage, add hairspray to the brush you use to comb them. This will smooth them out and have them looking as sleek as can be.

4/ Go Sulfate-Free

If at all possible, find yourself some sulfate-free shampoo and primarily use it. Not only will it keep your hair healthier, but you can wash it every day if you like.

3/ Replace Your Mascara

While some makeup can last years, your mascara needs replaced at least every four months, sooner if you can. Nobody wants old mascara, it doesn’t work properly and it’s unsanitary.

2/ Mousse Your Braid

If you want your braid to stay smooth and in place, then mousse your hair before braiding it. You will be shocked at the difference that it makes and how your braid will hold all day.

1/ Use Your Middle Finger

Not like that! But when applying creams under your eye, use your middle finger. It’s the gentlest and gives you great control over the most sensitive skin on your face.